• How wet does the diaper have to be to show a color change?

    Because the liquid has to reach the inside of the shell to show the color change, it will slightly vary with the type of insert used. I tested with a geffen super abosrber plus and it only took 20mL of water to show a color change (30mL = 1 oz for reference).

  • What makes the diaper's color change?

    The diaper is printed with a special ink that changes colors due to temperature changes (such as body heat). The ink itself is tested for lead and CPSIA certified. Just like any other printed fabric, the ink does not cause for any concern regarding toxicity towards babies and children.

  • Will you ship to other countries?

    Ombre Diapers is currently only compliant in the United States and Canada and therefore we do not offer shipping to any other countries. We hope to become compliant and available in other countries soon.

  • What is the difference between the Mood Diaper and the Ombre Diaper?


    The Mood Diaper is our first generation of diapers. Although it changes colors with heat, it does not indicate wetness. The Ombre Diaper is our second generation of diapers. Most of our customers report being able to see when the diaper is wet with the Ombre Diaper. Some improvements were also made such as more waist snaps in the middle for a better fit and different tag placement for better tummy elastic recovery.