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Mood Diaper (blue/green)

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Mood Diapers are pocket diapers that change colors between blue and green (not wetness indicating).

The diapers are lined with athletic wicking jersey which helps keep kiddos feel dry. They have an optional hip snap (for snap closures) that can be used when the diaper is being pull up and down like underwear. It features a tummy panel and elastic to prevent leaks for the tummy sleepers, and 4 rise snaps settings to fit 6-50lb. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
my favorite!

This diaper is my favorite in our stash. Fit is amazing and color changing is so cool. can't wait to get more!

Great quality!

Really happy with this well-made cloth diaper. Love that it can change colors! The snaps are all very secure and easy to use. Stitching is perfect.

Barbara Simmons
It's the cutest!!

This is such a fun diaper. We love the comments we get when he's wearing it!!

Such a fun diaper!

This diaper is unlike anything I've seen, the colour changing is just so amazing! When I first got the diaper I thought it looked like a smaller fit, but was surprised that our baby needed the rise all the way snapped up still! Really looking forward to seeing what else Cathy comes up with!

Ansley Endicott
The coolest diaper I own!!!

When I found this product my jaw dropped! The color changing is so fun and makes it easy to tell when baby boy has peed. The buttons are strong which is super important to us as well. Functional and they’re super cute.